Het team

Our church:

We are officially recognized as a church organization and registered at the Chamber of Commerce as OBG Filadelfia Amsterdam with a 3 member-leadership: Br. Pieter chairman, Br. Antony Secretary and Br. Rudy treasurer.

What does OBG means?

OBG is the abbreviation for the dutch equivalent of Independent Baptist Church; we are an independent church and manage our affairs independently without any influence from outside.
We are Baptists and what kind of Christians those are is clearly explained in our article: Where do baptists come from>, which can be found under GENERAL INFORMATION.
Moreover we believe the Bible to be the Word of God and for that reason we have organized ourselves as a New Testament Church, and especially inspired by the Philadelphia Church mentioned in the Book of Revelations. See for details under GENERAL INFORMATION and church articles (in Dutch language)

On Sundays we gather together at the primary school:  de Kans, Thomas van Aquinjostraat 2, Amsterdam, at 10h30, for worship and the preaching of the Word of God.

Afterwards there is a time of fellowship with coffee or soft drinks.

Wednesdays we have times of prayer together and study of the Bible.

The Chairman:

My name is Pieter Renema, retired teacher of secondary professional education.

In 1975 I had a personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ, during which I confessed my sins and became born again. Since that time, I have consciously lived my life according to Biblical principles.

I got to know my wife Elisabeth in Latin America, while both were working in a Christian mission project  and now we have two children.

With the foundation of the OBG Filadelfia, I was chosen and ordained to be the pastor of the local church and chairman of the church organization.

br. Pieter

Pieter Renema

The treasurer:

My name is Rudy M. Tomasao, born and brought up at Bandung, Indonesia, former Dutch Indies.

In 2006 my brother in Canada asked a Canadian pastor in the Netherlands, to visit me, share the gospel with me and to pray for me. The pastor gave me after-wards a tract and later I confessed my sins and was born again; a year later I was baptized by submersion in a Baptist church in Amsterdam.

I thank the LORD God that I may enjoy good health up to now.

The Bible, the Word of God, is teaching us a lot about manÅ› history, presence and future.

With the foundation of the OBG Filadelfia, I was chosen the treasurer of the church organization.

br. Rudy

Rudy M. Tomasao

The secretary:

My name is Anthony Kalmera, born at Curacao; I have worked in electronic maintenance, as a trucker for some years and at the moment a bus driver at Schiphol Airport.

More than 20 years ago I confessed my sins  and became a regular churchgoer.

September 2008 I was baptized by submersion and started to follow Jesus Christ wholeheartedly.

In 2013 I had to make up my mind where to attend church: with my friends to that church and enjoy lively music at Sunday worship services, or to attend the new church started by br. Pieter, which meant solid bible studies.

I choose for the last option, for I wanted to know the Lord Jesus more personally.


With the foundation of the OBG Filadelfia, I was chosen the secretary of the church organization, while I am also doing audio.

br. Anthony.

Anthony Kalmera